Types of constipation

Types of constipation

The constipation is multi-factorial, may be due to several causes among which the eating disorder, a diet low in fiber  and  lack of exercise. Before treating the problems derived from intestinal transit, a specialist will have to determine the type of constipation suffered by the patient.

There are several types of constipation:

  •  Passenger constipation : arises temporarily due to an external cause related to a change in diet, rhythm of life, vacation, stress, lack of exercise, taking a medication … When this cause disappears, the normal rhythm is resumed.
  • Chronic or habitual constipation : occurs for long periods of time. A diagnosis must be established to rule out a disease at its origin and adopt healthy habits that restore the normal rhythm of defecation.

Physiological causes:

  • Intestinal hypomotility : the muscles of the intestine do not have enough strength to perform the contractions necessary to expel the stool.
  • Intestinal Hypermotility : spasms or involuntary contractions appear in a part of the intestine that hold stool, preventing proper evacuation.
  • Rectal problems : the rectal muscles do not produce enough reflex for a normal defecation or there are local lesions that cause pain.
  • Weakness of the muscles of the abdominal wall : there is not enough pressure to evacuate.
  • Mechanical obstruction of the colon or rectum : when there are intrinsic or extrinsic lesions of the large intestine or anus.