Week 40 of pregnancy

40 weeks pregnant

Nowadays, it is rare for a fetus to reach 40 weeks of gestational age because, if they do not present themselves naturally, doctors prefer to provoke childbirth with medicines, because they believe that it is better for the baby to be out of the hospital. mother for the sake of both.

The baby in week 40

While it remains inside the uterus, the baby will continue to grow if all goes well. This is not entirely positive since if it grows a lot it will have more difficulties to leave through the birth canal.

The mother at the end of pregnancy

The sensations I had the previous week continue the same or increase. It is frequent that if the birth has not occurred, it is still decided the admission of the mother in a hospital. It is better that way, since there is greater control over the state of the baby and of the mother, and the delivery can be attended to immediately. In addition, the mother will be able to rest better and feel calmer when being watched by the doctor. The rest of the mother must be absolute, so that she will spend most of the day lying down or, in any case, sitting.

Tests in week 40 of pregnancy

The medical control of the mother and the baby is constant. Several tests are done to the mother to check the welfare of the baby:

  • Amnioscopio : it is a tube that is introduced a little in the uterus to verify that the aspect of the amniotic liquid is the suitable one. At this point of pregnancy you can see the baby’s head near the entrance to the uterus.
  • Cardiotocographic record : sensors are placed in the mother’s gut to observe the reaction caused by uterine contractions on the rhythm of the baby’s heartbeat. Sometimes the doctor causes contractions with medicines to make sure the baby is well.
  • Ultrasound : it is very important, especially to see that the placenta continues to function properly and has not detached. It also allows to see if the umbilical cord is entangled in the baby, which could hinder delivery.
  • Eco-Doppler : is a special type of ultrasound that shows how blood flows through the placenta, the umbilical cord and the baby’s organism. This way you can know if the baby continues to receive enough blood from the mother to feed and oxygenate him.

It is very important, besides the medical control and the necessary tests to follow the fetal wellbeing, that the mother is in a calm and familiar environment. The family must be by their side during these last days of pregnancy, lending their emotional support.

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